A Possible plan for Piëch

Bugatti has just given the go ahead for the elegant $1.4 million, 16 cylinder Galibier super sedan. Confirming that Bugatti in its latest iteration is more than a one car make, and is here to stay.

The point of Bugatti’s place in the Volkswagen group hierarchy is to build the best of the best. The fastest, the most opulent, the most powerful, the most elegant cars in the world and to a standard that leaves all the other manufacturers gasping for breath. They achieved this with the Veyron, dusting off the likes of Ferrari, Porsche and Lamborghini  and with the Galibier they seem destined to dust off the likes of Rolls Royce, Bentley and others as well.

At the same time there have for sometime been rumors of Volkswagen wishing to enter F1, especially once the 2013 regulations take effect. This has caused many to speculate on which brand of their vast armada VW will use. The logical front runners are Porsche and Lamborghini and to a lesser extent Bentley, brands already steeped in racing history.

Bugatti however, dominated grand prix racing in the late 1920’s through the early 1930’s and this gives the VW group a really unique opportunity to reach back into the history books and revive a long lost team of glory. Not only will it be a more exciting and glamorous choice, it will evoke a grand sense of nostalgia and lend a helpful dose of legitimacy to Bugatti’s claims as the world’s ultimate car maker. A plan Ferdinand Piech would no doubt love.

Update: With the new regulations pushed back a  year and changed to turbocharged V6 engines, Audi’s interest in F1 gone for the time being, Bugatti may well be VW’s choice, but recently a top VW executive hinted that their entry into F1 would likely not take place until 2018.

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2 Responses to A Possible plan for Piëch

  1. That would be quite something, although a 1.6 that ‘only’ does 220mph looks puny compared to their road cars! I’d like to see Porsche get the nod if VW comes back, but you can’t help but think that with all the action in the boardroom between VW and Porsche that Audi would get the nod to represent them in the ultimate arena.

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